Quick Installations

We can complete simple hardware or software installs

Satisfy Your Inner Geek

Get that upgraded video card and improve your online game play! Grab that special on memory, and double the speed of your computer. As the year turns, make sure you get the new version of that tax software, and let us take away the headache of installing it for you. Expand your storage capacity with a new solid state drive, we can have it in your device in a snap.

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Data Recovery

Get a New Streamlined Video Card?  Need to Upgrade Your Tax Software?

For these simple installations, we only charge $25 per instance for either hardware or software.

We can install new hardware components and not dent your wallet too badly.  Common hardware installs are:

  • Hard Drives
  • Video Cards
  • Memory
  • Sound Cards
  • Network Cards

Did you buy that new version of tax software, and need to make sure it installs correctly?  Not a problem, we can complete simple installations quickly.  Common software installs are:

  • Upgrades to software suites (OpenOffice, MS Office)
  • Upgrades to accounting software (TurboTax, Quickbooks)

Operating system upgrades or installations are not covered by this service.

Contact Us to schedule an appointment or drop the device by and let us know what you need.

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