Data Backup

Solutions for your home or business that keep your data safe and secured.

Customized Data Backup

Why pay a monthly fee to an Internet company to keep your data safe? I can create a viable, economical solution customized for your home or business that you can grow without any additional technical knowledge or payment. Stay in control of your valuable data and have instant access to it!

Data Backup Data Backup Data Backup Data Backup

Data Backup

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Data Backup

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Data Backup

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Keep your data safe!  

Whether it’s business files, or cherished photographs of your family, we can design a backup solution for you.  There is no need to pay some unknown online “secure” provider.  It’s not necessary to upload your private files to a 3rd party.  We can design a solution that will allow you to back up your data within your own home or business.

For a minimal investment, we can architect a data storage solution that will:

  • Add an external hard drive to your network
  • Map links from all your network devices (laptops, desktops, tablets)
  • Make the initial move of your files
  • Set your application preferences to save your files automatically to this safe place
  • Ensure that this is an adjustable solution, so it can grow as your space requirements do

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