Custom Computer Builds

Design your own technology and we will assemble it

Like To Dabble In Computer Design?

Not a problem, we are here to help! We can take all the parts that you have purchased either through us or someone else, and assemble them for you. We can build your device from the ground up, case, motherboard, all the way to the keyboard on top.

Custom Builds Custom Builds Custom Builds Custom Builds

Custom Builds

PC Diagnostics

Custom Builds

Laptop Repair

Custom Builds

Hard Drive Diagnostics

Custom Builds

Data Recovery

Have A Computer Layout In Mind?

We can do a custom computer build for you for $100.  You provide all the parts, and we will happily provide the labor to put all the pieces together for you.

If you don’t buy the parts through us, that’s perfectly fine, but we cannot warranty the physical parts.  We will warranty our labor though!

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