Computer Repair

15 Years of computer repair experience ready to be at your service.

Reliable Computer Repairs

We are the economical solution that you have been looking for as an alternative to the big box stores. Our prices are better, our services are complete without short cuts. We can tear your computer down and fix it, or we can build you a quicker, faster, custom system to fit your needs.

Computer Repair Computer Repair Computer Repair Computer Repair

Computer Repair

PC Diagnostics

Computer Repair

Laptop Repair

Computer Repair

Hard Drive Diagnostics

Computer Repair

Data Recovery

Technology Can Be Fickle At Times

No matter what’s wrong with your computer, odds are we can fix it.  We repair desktops, laptops, tablets, and some gaming consoles.

Our typical repairs are:

  • “Dead” laptops, the black screen of nothing
  • Blue screen of death (Windows Crash)
  • Error messages on start up
  • Broken laptop keys
  • Cracked LCD Screens
  • Laptops or Desktops that are overheating
  • Internet failures (cannot connect)

Contact Us for a house call, or stop by our office and we can look at your problem free of charge.

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